As a Therapist

“The essence of life for me is to remember who I truly Am and live my deepest divine self. “
In the 15 years I have followed this calling consciously, I have experienced all that comes with walking this life path. Diving deep into my being, revealing false images, believe and defence systems, wounds, the shadow, lower and higher self. The path of awakening or ascension to me is both a path of expansion and bliss as well as challanging. I love this path of transformation, remembering and healing. It gives me deep fullfilment. And I love to guide clients on this journey.
My core qualities are being present in an intuitive, knowing state and transmit specific healing energies, tuned in to the client. I can ‘listen’ on a deeper level, hearing the truth that wants to be revealed. My deep connection with Source/The Divine and God/Light within is a strong base from where I work. I guide clients in a gentle way during their process, with a purposeful thoroughness.
My soul is always hungry for knowledge and new practices. Since 2008 I have been constantly studying, all with the focus to expand consciousness and bring healing to the forgotten places within.
My private Practice is in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I can speak English or Dutch during the sessions.
Education & Training


  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing (current)
  • Integrative Massage (2015)
  • Holistic Pulsing (2014)
  • Bachelor in Art Therapy (2012)


  • Awakening Your Lightbody (2017)
  • Reconnective Healing Training (2015)
  • NLP Technician & Practitioner (2011)
  • Teacher Baby Massage (2008)
  • Reiki I & II (2008)
  • Intuitive Development I, II & III (2007)

As a Human Being

I am a woman with deep interest in the true nature of the human essence. I am fully dedicated to the path of awakening. Within myself and for human mankind and mother earth. The core for me is to experience this within, I am my own Teacher. Through embodiment, meditation, initiations, activations, study and personal processes.
My connection with the higher realms has always been strong. From that state I have an easy awareness of truth and divinity. In the last years I have rooted myself more and more into the earth. I have now reached a state of trust and openess for Life.
Nature has become a place of meeting mother earth and experiencing the oneness between everything. I love to walk between the mountains, in forests and on beaches. Preferebable on bare feet! I deeply enjoy the moments of serenity, when surfing waves at sunrise and sunset. Or taking a swim in the forest lake close to my home. Ecstatic Dancing is a big love, giving expression to the movement within and feeling my cells filled with and radiate joy and lifeforce. Having real encounters with other people gives me deep fullfillment. To connect on a meaningful level. To be inspired and inspire.