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Are you familiar with being in an intimate presence with yourself? If yes, then I am curious if you also know the deep self-healing power of this form of attention.

With intimate presence I do not mean meditation of clearing the mind. Although it could be a form of meditation. Intimate presence with yourself is bringing full attention to yourself. To the physical sensations, energetic sensations and feelings. You need to open yourself to perceive, to become sensitive to experience these sensations. This is not about the mind, not about reasoning. No, this is about the ‘voices’ of your body and giving them space to ‘speak’.

How it works

The first step is to become silent and bring your awareness into yourself. Just be with yourself, without changing anything. When you feel connected with your body system (with body system I mean the physical and energetic body), there is possibly a place that draws your attention. For example, you feel a tightness in your lower womb. Bring your attention to this place.

Now you can start the self-healing. Softly sink into the sensation, just be with it. Recognize it. The reason this unpleasant feeling is there in your system, is because you did not want to feel it. You did defend against it. So the first important step is to allow it to be! Keep sinking into it. Now let it evolve. It will change, because you give attention to it. It is simply energy that starts to move. Give it space to move. It can help to softly breath into it. Don’t force anything. Maybe you become emotional, maybe your physical body starts to shake a bit. Just let it all evolve. This is healing! It is frozen, stuck energy that starts to move again.

At one point you will feel the wave is done. You feel that particular place has become soft.

I recommend to place your hand on this spot (if you haven’t done that already). Just be with it for a moment. Maybe you would like to place your other hand on your energetic heart. Integrate what has transformed and healed.

Self-healing is this simple. It is so beautifully real. It is all in the body system and you simply need to bring your awareness to it.

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