A way into your true nature: alive, free, wild, open and empowered!
Shaking is one of the most amazing and liberating practices to do!
I am in love with it!
Shaking is a century old practice and healing tool known for it’s power in waking up life energy in the physical and energetic body. It is used to bring blocks back into movement to deepen the experience of Aliveness.
The body is purposely brought into a shaking rhythm, while standing with two feet grounded on the earth. By intention, the shaking can be directed to different parts of the body. It is possible that, after a while, the body takes over the shaking and one becomes shakened by the body. This technique is also used to free the body of stored trauma.

The Magical Effects

  • Feeling deeply alive and awake (within your body)
  • Feeling open to and connected with LIFE
  • Becoming more grounded by working with the contraction in the pelvic floor, legs and womb/belly space
  • Free the body from whatever did hold you back and feel how freedom becomes a dance with life
  • Experiencing new intimicy with yourself and your body
  • Feeling massively Energized
  • Feeling deeply sensual by entering the flowing state of your true nature
  • Experiencing new ranges of inner power, trust, joy, bliss and more
  • Practicing letting go of control
  • Becoming more flexible and flowing in your body movement
  • Opening your throat center and giving voice to deep hidden sounds within the body
  • Clear your body of old, no longer needed, blocks, stuck emotions and trauma (when present)
  • Experience your radiant Essence

Light up your 37.2 trillion cells




experience LIFE permeating your whole being!



Ecstasy is awaiting you!

Extensive Content

  • General shaking techniques
  • Focus on typical tension areas
  • Opening for life
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Elements (fire, water, earth, air)
  • Connecting with Mother Earth & Father Sky (becoming a bridge)
  • Freeing stagnation in and around the female sexual organs
  • Gratitude & shaking
  • Grounding as a basis
  • Voicing what is restrained
  • Breath as a tool to sink deeper, bring softness and expansion
  • Expending ones Essence within every cell and all around
Note: these are possible themes that can be included in the Ecstatic Shaking sessions. It will be adjusted to the group, form and time.

Guidance & Space Holding

In the Ecstatic Shaking sessions, I will guide the participants through a wide range of techniques and focus themes. In this way I provide a broad range of experiences that can be investigated in shaking. Both on site and when the participants longs to continue their shaking practice at home.
With the purpose to free the body from stagnation and welcome blissful aliveness, it is possible that emotions will come up. When support is needed in going through and letting go of these feelings, I can support a participant by individual energetic support.
I set up the space in a high energy frequancy, aligned with the group and Divine Will. This will provide a strong template for the inner journey of the participants.
For each Ecstatic Shaking session I joyfully select a range of stimulating music numbers, from easy rhythms to deep, powerful drums and bases. Within each compilation lies a different invitation for movement, letting go of control and ecstacy!

Ecstatic Shaking Clinics in The Netherlands

My Shaking Journey

I shake now for several years with a lot of joy and fulfillment. I love it!
I encountered it for the first time during my Holistic Pulsing Therapist Training.  After that I have tried out different techniques and together with the rich experiences within my body, I have reached an expertise to teach others in this practice.
For me it is the most effective way to ground myself in my body and on the earth. It has given me experiences of deep joy, ecstasy, freedom, expansion, healing and more.
I love to bring this easy and powerful practice to others!