3, 10, 23 November & 1 December

11:00 – 12:00

A clinic for women who want to:

  • Feel deeply alive and awake (within your body)
  • Becoming more grounded by working with the contraction in the pelvic floor, legs and womb/belly space
  • Free the body from whatever you are holding in and feel how freedom becomes a dance with life
  • Experiencing new intimacy with yourself and your body
  • Feel massively energized
  • Feel open to and connect with LIFE
  • Feel deeply sensual by entering the flowing state of your true nature
  • Practicing letting go of control
  • Becoming more flexible and flowing in your body movement
  • Experiencing new ranges of inner power, trust, joy, bliss and more
In the Ecstatic Shaking Basic you will learn a wide range of techniques to start your own shaking practice at home! Shaking is a century old, pleasurable and enjoyable practice and healing tool known for its power in waking up life energy in the physical and energetic body. It is used to bring blocks back into movement to deepen the experience of Aliveness.

About Yara

Yara is an energy and bodyworker with her own practice in Haarlem. With The Healing Pilgrim she is both locally and globally active.
Yara supports participants during the lesson by individual energetic support, when needed.
She sets up the space in a high energy frequency, aligned with the group and Divine Will. This will provide a strong template for the inner journey of the participants.
For each Ecstatic Shaking session she joyfully selects a range of stimulating music numbers, from easy rhythms to deep, powerful drums and bases.

Included in the Clinic*:

Access to Ecstatic Shaking Playlists and Sets on Spotify!

* For the Ecstatic Shaking Basic and Advanced

The Lessons

This clinic consist out of 4 lessons of one hour. Each lesson contains different techniques and themes. The one hour lesson will be started with information and instructions for that lesson. There is space for questions regarding practice at home.
The shaking itself will be around 40 minutes.
To integrate what has come into movement, there is a 10 minute resting time where Yara will bring healing energies into the room and/or give energetic individual support.
After the lesson there is time for tea and exchange of experiences.


Reserve your spot!

Single ticket: 95,-

Bring a friend: 85,- p.p.

General info about Ecstatic Shaking

Clinic Options & Calander

The Humen Fabrique
Henk van Turnhoutpad 2, Haarlem
Note: go all the way to the end of the street Henk van Turnhoutpad. Then walk through the fence. On your left hand you will see the building of The Human Fabrique (next to the sport fields).

The Human Fabrique Location