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High Sense Perception (HSP) or Paranormal Abilities is a natural ability of the human being. For most people it is something we lost when growing up. As a child we probably still had these skills to a certain degree.

People hold a big fascination towards these abilities. I am regularly asked if I perceive something when I am in contact with others. There is interest and a discomfort at the same time. It can feel threatening that somebody can perceive what is present in you. I know myself! When perceiving information by HSP, you have a certain responsibility in how to deal with this. I will come back on that later.

So why and how did we lose these abilities?

HSP skills are connected to the main chakra’s in our Human Energy Field. When a chakra is open, the life force can flow in a healthy way into the connected physical area and Human Energy Field. During our childhood, we all had traumatic experience to a certain extent. To protect our self for the pain of these experiences we created defenses that block the natural flow of energy.

When you want to develop your HSP, you need to heal the blocks in the chakras (front and back). This can be done by: personal process work, healing, bodywork, breath work, etc. Also grounding is important. Being grounded will give you enough charge in the chakra you want to use for information.

Underneath the chakras and the particular HSP skills.

  • Crown: Knowing, without any doubt.
  • Third Eye: Seeing beyond the physical realm. For instance: energy fields or etheric beings. Also receiving images on an inner eye screen.
  • Throat: Hearing beyond. For instance: hearing voices of guides or sounds. Also Taste and Smell. For instance, the particular smell of a certain energy frequency.
  • Heart: Love. Sensing another one’s love (quantity & quality).
  • Solar Plexus: Intuition, a vague sense of knowing.
  • Sacral: Emotional. Perceiving emotions in others by feeling it.
  • Root: Kinesthetic. Physical sensations in own body.

HSP can be very beneficial for your own life. It creates awareness and insights to another level. In healthcare it can give valuable information about the client. As mentioned above, when perceiving information by HSP, it is very important that you handle this with care. Not everything is meant to be shared. If you feel it is important to share what you perceived with another, let it always come from your heart. We are all human beings on a path of healing, be compassionate and genuine.

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