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Dear Woman, do you long for an intimate and loving contact with your belly that brings liberation and empowerment?⁣

The cramp, a lot of women with you hold upon their abdominal area, results in a disconnection. From your feelings, true power, softness, self-honoring boundaries, wisdom and juiciness to enjoy life and sexuality. ⁣

The intestines and womb are way more than physical organs. The womb is about the connection you have with mother earth, with your spirituality and wisdom. With creativity and birthing new projects. The intestines do not only digest food, they also digest your experiences and feelings. ⁣The chakra in that area is about the quality of sexual energy and love for the partner, giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure.⁣

There is really a lot to write about this topic. ⁣
What I want to address in this post is that you have a choice.⁣
And this choice can come from a soft place within, the place that knows what it really longs for and that chooses self-love above self-rejection. The place that can ‘listen’ with soft ears to whatever is present in that area and embrace it with the love and attention it needs, to release, awake and open like a flower. It is sacred work. ⁣

If you make the choice, I am sure your inner wisdom knows what steps to take in this journey. ⁣
I will give you some suggestions to work with.

Bodywork Suggestions

  • Start connecting with your breath and allow it to reach deeply into your abdomen, without force. It is about allowing, softening and allowing.  Breath brings life.
  • Become aware in your daily life when you are putting a cramp upon your belly. – Use your hands to connect. Let the energy flow.
  • Massage your belly every day with a nice oil, while you feel appreciation, tenderness and love.
  • Sit or lay in silence with yourself and let your awareness sink down into your body, to the place where the cramp has its core. Be with it, breath in it and allow what comes up. The cramping suppresses the feelings you did not want to feel in the past. This is the moment you can give yourself permission to express what is stored.
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